Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 months and Happy New Year!

Such a silly girl.  She really is a riot.  Hopefully that video works so you can see how wound up she gets lol.  We call her Babysaurus when she growls like that, but last night was more like a banshee! :P I took her in a couple of weeks ago because she was tugging on her ears again and they weighed her at 20lbs 0.5oz!  With clothes on, so it's not quite accurate, but by now she's definitely bumped over the 20lb mark.  They didn't find anything wrong, she's just been teething like a beast.  Still.  It comes and goes, and still nothing has come through, but she has a couple good lumps on her gums so maybe it'll happen soon.  I swear she's been working on teeth for like 4 months now.  She's still only rolling from belly to back, but did the other way on her own accidentally the other day so she'll get it.  She's slowly figuring out how to scoot a little on her belly, usually just to turn but she'll get there eventually too.

who's that pretty baby in the mirror?
She's doing really well with solid foods.  For a long time all she would eat was applesauce, but we've expanded to green beans, cheerios and cereal puffs, carrots, a little turkey if mixed with beans, oatmeal, yogurt and popcorn (just the fluffy parts of course, no husk).  She goes crazy for popcorn and yogurt melts.  She doesn't get much at a time and not at every meal, but she likes it when we do it.  We're pretty sure she's saying "hi" sometimes, like if she's playing and i look over and say hi she'll go "haaaaaaa" back.  Does that count as a first word?  lol!  She's starting to get the meaning of the sign language but doesn't do it on her own yet.  Her hair's really filling in and sometimes it looks red, sometimes not.  We looked at my baby pictures and it's funny, as much as people say she looks like me she looks nothing like my baby pictures!  However, she looks almost exactly like my aunt's baby picture!  It was just plain scary when we found that!

B ordered me a wedding set with his Christmas money!  It was really cheap but it's perfect for where we are right now.  We can upgrade later if we want, but the diamonds are real and I love it!  No wedding date yet, since we're not sure how long it will take to save up enough.  We're now well over a year from the horrible day last January when B almost died (and did, in surgery, until they did a complete blood transfusion) and we finally feel like we almost have our feet under us.  A little bit.  Money is still really tight but that won't change until he's getting more hours and I start working too.  I have an interview tomorrow for a seasonal position and lots of applications out at the parks around here.  They pay well but only work during the summer, which is why I never really pursued it since finding work in the winter is hard, especially finding something that will work around concerts, and I'm just starting to feel like I could leave Amy at Mom's or daycare and go to work.  Not that I really like that option, but I need to do something.

We've decided that we'll be better off if we move to Rapid City.  There are much better opportunities up there for both of us and I'll be able to go to more Symphony functions without worrying about gas or driving late at night, and if we live up there then my parents will have a place to hang out between appointments or stay the night instead of driving in the dark.  It will work out really well for all of us.  The trick will be to get up there... we're still poor and depending on my parents to cover some of the bills.  The first option would be to move the trailer up there, which would be difficult considering the deck and the front room we're working on, and it's not big enough for the 3 of us now and Amy doesn't have her own room yet.  Renting would be a big waste of money and I'd have to leave the cats with Mom, which would be okay but not ideal since Cricket doesn't like Sadie.  We want to find a little starter home to buy up there, and there are a lot available, but the trick will be coming up with the down payment.  That's why I'm trying to work at the parks this summer, as much as I hate the thought of being away from my baby girl when she's still so little.  That also means more formula.  I'm still nursing her exclusively when I'm home, but when I have to go to rehearsal or something I can't pump enough to feed her while I'm gone so she gets formula if I'm not around.  I'll be pumping while I work, but it'll still only end up being about half of what she eats.  She probably overeats from bottles, but that doesn't change the fact that I can only usually pump 4-ish oz at a time and she eats 6-8.  If I wait longer and pump when I'm full, I can get 6oz, but it's thin and we need to add a scoop of formula to it anyway or it upsets her stomach.  I'm sure she'll be fine, but I'm not happy about it.  It's something I just need to deal with while we try to better our situation a little.

Mom's officially healed from her surgery according to the surgeon.  She cried when he said that, I think we've all been holding our breath for a year or so.  She has 4-8 weeks of physical therapy still to build some strength back up, but she's doing better all the time.  She can't watch Amy full time, so I'll need to find a daycare, which will eat a good chunk of my paychecks, thus why I didn't go to work sooner.

I bought myself some Turbo Jam videos for my birthday/Christmas and I've been exercising 4-5 days a week since mid December.  I feel better and I've lost a few inches, but I can't really see much of a difference yet.  I just need to stick with it, I want to look good this summer!

This year will be better.  We'll make it be better.  We'll beat 2013 into submission to make sure it doesn't turn out at all like 2012 did. :P  Right? Right.  Happy New Year!

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