Friday, August 17, 2012

Growing up so fast...

Tomorrow Amelia will be 7 weeks old already.  It's gone too fast, but at the same time it's been a long couple of months trying to get us into a rhythm and get myself healed up.  She's really chunked up a lot!  She's looking more like a baby and less like a newborn and the last time she was weighed, at 5 1/2 weeks for my postpartum checkup, she weighed 10lbs 1.5oz!  She must easily be up to 11lbs by now but she doesn't have another checkup for a couple more weeks so I won't know for sure until then.  I do know that she's outgrown some of her newborn size clothes and a couple outfits that fit now are 3mo size.  What's with that?  Why do the sizes vary so widely from brand to brand?  It's ridiculous!  Mostly she's into 0-3 now but a few of her newborn onesies still fit really well.  Strange and annoying!

We're having a hard day today, but overall we're doing really well.  She has days when she can't eat enough, and sometimes I'm bottle feeding her on those days to give myself a break so I know she's eating a lot, so she must be growing a lot.  She still spits up a lot though, and even though her doctor says not to worry about it, it's ridiculous sometimes.  Like, we're talking Exorcist-style, can't keep anything down then screams because she's still hungry.  Today isn't one of those, just eating tons.  I'm burping her more often and that's helping some, but I really think she's got some reflux issues.  I know all babies spit up and because their systems are immature they all have a bit of reflux, but it seems to be pretty painful for her sometimes.  Those bad days happen 1-2 times a week, and don't seem to be connected to anything I've eaten.  I think she gulps too fast sometimes.  She seems to spit up less from a bottle, but it's not really practical for me to just pump all the time to bottle feed her.  I got a loaner hospital-grade pump from WIC and that has helped a lot!  I just keep finding reasons to use my bottles rather than putting the milk in the freezer... I need to get better about that.


Finishing this post 2 days later... yeah, that's how things go around here lol.  She slept like a rock that night and yesterday was much easier on everyone.  Today has been up and down but we were down at Mom's house for the afternoon so Amy refused to just nap, as she's becoming more aware and wanting to be involved in whatever is going on.  This morning I got my post-natal yoga out finally even though I'm still a little sore down there, and it felt amazing.  However, Amy wouldn't settle down and let me do it until I put her on the floor in her floor gym, then she contentedly kicked around and batted at her toys for a good half hour while I finished up the yoga.  It was pretty funny that she just wanted to be exercising with me instead of in her swing.

She must weigh over 11lbs by now and I'm practically back at my starting weight (not sure what it was exactly to begin with so I can never say for sure).  My arms are getting stronger thanks to her but the rest of me is weak and my now-flabby belly looks like a road map.  I can fit into my old jeans as well as I could before, but they were tight then so I have some work to do.  I'd like to get another 20 pounds off with the help of nursing, mostly so clothes shopping is easier. I'm almost too big for the Misses department but too small for Plus, varying by brand of course.  I'm sick of it.  I'm also sick of hurting... I've had a very stubborn yeast infection that hurts a lot and the popped stitch spot still gets sore.  Exercising today didn't make it worse, but it's still persisting.

B's job has been iffy lately.  They have lots of work contracted but the materials for all of them are back-ordered, so there's nothing to do.  Meanwhile the other guys have been quitting because of the lack of work so B's almost the last one there.  It's a tough spot to be in and I'm debating taking a postal carrier job to help out.  Not full-time, but to fill in when the regular carriers are on vacation or whatever.  It could probably work if I have enough of a freezer milk supply, except for the vehicle situation.  B's been promised a work truck, but it's in the process of getting the engine replaced and there's no ETA on it so I'm not holding my breath.  He needs a truck and we need another vehicle, but he's not making enough at work for us to save up for anything yet, we're just barely getting the bills done, still with the help of my parents.  Let me tell you how ready I am to be done with that too.

We're doing alright, a day at a time.  :)